Altro Floor Deep Cleaning

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This is durable flooring that can take a lot of traffic. However, without proper maintenance the anti-slip safety features of an Altro floor can be lost over time.  

Ecodry’s Altro floor deep cleaning services are based in Teesside and cover the entire North Yorkshire area. From manufacturing plants and hospitals to schools and gyms, our solutions will maintain the floor’s anti-slip properties as well as its shine.

As Altro flooring is often used in workplaces or industrial environments, proper cleaning and maintenance is key. We’re experts in removing the dirt and debris that build up on its pitted surface, ensuring its anti-slip properties are never compromised.

Does your Altro flooring need cleaning or restoration?

Is there a build-up of dust and dirt in the textured pits of the floor?

Does your Altro safety flooring look discoloured and lacklustre? 

Are there patches where it’s easier to slip, which have had a lot of wear and tear?

Has building work recently left your safety flooring in need of a deep clean?

Is cleaning making no difference to its shine?


Has it become a lot darker, nothing seems to brighten it up, and all you want is to restore it to its just-laid finish?

Enjoy excellent results with Ecodry’s Altro floor deep cleaning services

We have the experience and expertise that will help you avoid costly repairs and extend your Altro safety floor’s lifespan. Our deep cleaning solutions reduce the need for maintenance and ensure the anti-slip properties are retained.

Our processes for deep cleaning Altro safety floors are carried out proficiently and professionally. Whether you’re based in Stockton, Wynyard, or further afield, we use top-of-the range deep cleaning solutions that create safe and hygienic environments.

Moreover, we bring back the shine and leave your Altro safety floor looking like it’s just been laid.

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