LVT Stripping and Resealing

Spacious rambler home interior with vaulted ceiling over glossy laminate floor. Empty light filled dining or living space adjacent to new white kitchen room features pale grey walls. Northwest, USA

Are you looking to restore the life in your faded and lacklustre LVT flooring?

We’re experts in deep cleaning and restoring LVT floors in both private homes and businesses. Based in Teesside, North Yorkshire, we’re your local specialists in buffing out surface marks, repairing scratches, and restoring flooring. 

At Ecodry we offer our clients a professional deep cleaning, stripping, and resealing service that prolongs the lifespan of their LVT floors.

How to spot if your LVT floor needs stripping and resealing

Is your LVT flooring starting to fade or look lifeless?

Have you recently had some building work done and need to deep clean your floors?

Are there irritating marks you can’t shift, issues with the sealer, or scratches that need repairing?

Does mopping make no difference to its diminished shine?


Do you want to restore your LVT flooring to a freshly-laid finish?

Restore and maintain your LVT flooring in North Yorkshire with Ecodry

The bold and beautiful patterns on LVT flooring deserve to be seen. At Ecodry, we bring back the colour and shine. Moreover, we leave your floors hygienically clean and free from any build-up of allergens and harmful bacteria.

Using our years of experience and the latest equipment, we strip off the old seal, deep clean, and re-seal. We not only leave your LVT floor rejuvenated, looking great, and smelling fresh, but protected against scratches and marks from future traffic.

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