Carpet Care During Lockdown

Why Should You Be Extra Vigilant With Your Carpet Care During Lockdown?

The country is on lockdown and you’re spending more time in your home than you usually would. Maybe you have pets, flatmates, or family?
Whatever your situation, it’s hard not to notice that your carpets and floors are dealing with far more traffic than they’re used to. Plus, if you’re one of the millions who suffer from allergies, you may begin to notice that your symptoms are flaring up far worse than usual too!

Dust-mites, allergens, bacteria, and pollen love to live in your carpets and upholstery!

If you’re an allergy sufferer and pollen is your enemy, then your senses are on high alert from March to August anyway.

When we couple this with the extra time you’re now spending in your home environment, we can confidently surmount that your allergies – and the general health of the people you live with – may be affected.

Why and how? By the bacteria, dust-mites, moulds, pollutants, pollens, etc. that are not only being produced in the natural environment, but more so in the places we live by this highly irregular change to our social behaviours.

I don’t suffer from allergies; why should I be worried about dust-mites and allergens?

Allergies or no allergies, dust-mites, pollens, and pollutants – when allowed to build up in an environment – can cause adverse reactions in anyone.

Skin irritations, breathing issues, mental health issues, and more can all be associated to and aggravated by these pathogens in our homes. In the current climate we’re living in, it’s an ideal opportunity to turn our attention to our homes and make them as clean as possible, free of these allergens and irritants.

How can you keep on top of house dust-mites and allergens in your home during lockdown?

Easily is the answer; it just takes a little added effort.

Hoover regularly at least once a day, but if you have a busy household with pets and allergy sufferers, then bump that up to twice a day if you can – this will help to greatly reduce the allergens from dust-mites.

It’s important to steam treat or wash soft furnishings (cushion covers, curtains, bedding, etc.) on a high-heat to kill off bacteria, dust-mites, and other allergens.

Get your carpets cleaned!

It’s proven that having your carpets cleaned removes 93% of the bacteria and allergens that build up in the pile over time; it’s recommended to have them professionally cleaned at least every 12 – 18 months.

When’s the last time you actually had your carpets cleaned? During lockdown, this may seem an impossible task, but there are professional carpet cleaners offering safe services working to help households (especially with allergy sufferers) during these unprecedented times.

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