Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your Staff and Customers Can Enjoy a Cleaner, Healthier Workplace.

Whether you operate a doctor’s surgery, children’s nursery, leisure centre or call centre in Darlington and North Yorkshire or a hotel or guest house in the Dales, it just makes sense to conduct business in a healthy, clean working environment.

Commercial carpets can take a hammering from foot traffic and food and drink spills. Specialist knowledge is required to clean commercial carpeting effectively and safely. Ian McIntosh, owner of Eco Dry Carpet Care, is an IICRC certified Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician and has 20 years of commercial carpet cleaning experience. From prestige offices (Bank of New York Mellon, Leeds), hotels (Rudding Park, Harrogate) to battered school carpeting (Ripon Grammar, Queen Ethelburga’s) we have cleaned thousands of square feet of commercial carpet.

We have a number of cleaning systems at our disposal. Our Eco Dry encapsulation system cleans low profile, glued-down carpeting by removing deeply embedded soils and spill stains in spectacular fashion. Low moisture for Fast Drying and so quiet we keep disturbance to your business to a minimum.

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Hotels & Guest Houses

Tour de France Swaledale

The North East receive millions of visitors each year. You know your guests expect high standards. Regularly maintained carpets help you achieve those high standards. Avoid “dirty carpets” on your Trip Advisor reviews! It makes all round business sense – regularly maintained carpets will perform and last so much longer, saving money by extending replacement cycles.

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Offices and Commercial Facilities Packages

Tar Stains?
commercial carpet before cleaning
Tar stains before cleaning
commercial carpet before cleaning
Clean carpet after Eco Dry Cleaning

Dirt, dust, and allergens do more damage than what meets the eye. They cause carpet to age before its time. If you think your carpet isn’t holding up, the odds are you’re probably not cleaning it. Carpet that’s cared for will last longer. No matter your budget, your carpet will be cleaner when you use Eco Dry Carpet Care.

Tar has been tracked on to this office carpet, greatly detracting from the otherwise very smart décor. Removing those stains would be a tough task for any cleaning company.We carried out a Free Demonstration for this business to show how Eco Dry encapsulation cleaning can remove even the toughest of stains. And we guarantee those stains will not return.


 Environmentally responsible commercial carpet cleaning

The Releasit products that our company uses make very little impact on the environment.  Minimal water consumption and disposal, along with non hazardous ingredients qualify Releasit as an environmentally responsible cleaning system.  These products are safe for you, your carpet, and the environment.


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