Complaints Procedure

  1. All customers will be given a business card with our name, address and telephone number.
  2. All customers will receive a customer satisfaction survey form with a pre-paid reply envelope.
  3. A copy of our Business Insurance is available
  4. We will acknowledge any complaint immediately (within 24 hours)
  5. We will thoroughly investigate the complaint asap (within 14 days) and report back to the customer.
  6. Should the complaint be justified, we will deal with the problem in the most effective way possible, at no cost to the customer, and to their satisfaction. We will reclean any article which has been cleaned unsatisfactorily because of a fault on our part, free of charge. If the customer is still not satisfied we will refund the initial cost. This will be completed asap ( within 28 days). In the event of loss or damage due to negligence, we will pay fair compensation in consultation with our Insurers, taking into account wear and tear or damage occurring prior to the incident.
  7. Should the complaint not be justified we will inform the customer within 14 days. Should the customer not be satisfied with the method or manner in which the complaint was handled or disagree with the conclusion, they can report the matter to the NCCA, who provide an independent arbitration service. Customers also have the right to seek advice from Trading Standards, Consumer Advice Centre, or a Solicitor.
  8. We will comply with requests for information from the NCCA within 7 days and co-operate fully with any investigation. The decision of the NCCA is final and will be acted upon within 14 days of written notice.
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