Coronavirus Sanitising Service

Are you a business owner or one of the millions of people working in enclosed spaces such as retail outlets, factories, offices, or schools? Your Covid-19 (Coronavirus) concerns are real, even a supposed outbreak could cause the closure of your workplace!

If you require the sanitisation of your premises and equipment, we have the solution for you. Our cleaning services will ensure your business stays open and is safe for all!

What are the chances the Coronavirus (Covid-19) will affect my business?

Unfortunately, high! Covid-19 is a highly contagious variant of the Coronavirus.

An infected person may not show symptoms for up to seven days and although it is not known how long the virus can survive outside the body, it is spread through the miniscule droplets released when an infected person, coughs, sneezes, breathes, or talks.

It is therefore inevitable that any areas in an infected persons range will be contaminated with the contagion.

How can we make your environment free of Covid-19?

By using a variety of approved cleaning products and methods proven to not only kill off the Covid-19 Coronavirus but also up to 99.999% of all known bacteria successfully.
With our deep cleaning services, we get into every nook and crevice. No space large or small can escape the misting/fogging and spraying techniques used by our professionals to ensure every area and surface is completely sanitised and fit for purpose.

Surface and equipment sanitisation!

Our services are methodical and precise, using sanitisation techniques and products that are appropriate for any environment we can make your entire premises hygienic and safe!

From your fixtures and fittings, to your telephones, desktops, keyboards, and factory equipment. We leave no surface or space untouched with our meticulous deep cleaning services.

Specialised deep cleaning services

We are fully registered and work within all government health and safety guidelines. Our staff are all highly trained and qualified to use our professional deep cleaning and sanitisation services and solutions.

We aim to deliver the highest level of competency and professionalism with our outstanding and proven deep cleaning services and sanitisation methods.
​Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak and the health, hygiene, and safety of your premises.


  • Coronavirus sanitising service
  • Fully trained team in cleaning sanitizing
  • Our cleaning kills down to a log kill of 6 (99.9999% bacteria killer)
  • Spraying and fogging service
  • Full PPE provided on all work
  • Certified Documentation
  • Chemicals to tackle Covid-19 Coronavirus




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