Domestic Cleaning – One-off Deep Clean

You don’t have to wait until Spring to deep clean your house! 

EcoDry will do this for you at any time of the year!

From top to bottom we will clean your home thoroughly, using our  own professional cleaning equipment and materials.

What we clean:

  • Common areas
  • Bedrooms, Living Rooms and Dining Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms and Toilets

Skirting boards will be wiped down, window sills cleaned, fingerprints spot removed from light switches, carpets vacuumed/floors mopped, mirrors and glass surfaces shined, cobwebs removed.  Baths will be cleaned and rinsed, shower fittings, recess and glass scrubbed and cleaned, toilets scrubbed/disinfected/descaled (including base and behind), tiles and fittings scrubbed, sink, vanity and mirrors cleaned.  In the kitchen your sinks will be scrubbed and left shining, stove top and range hood cleaned, cupboard fronts and appliances wiped down.

Why not combine a One-off Deep Clean with our Carpet Cleaning Service?

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