Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Certain carpets and certain situations demand “Dry” cleaning.

Natural vegetable fibre carpets e.g. sisal, sea grass, coir and jute will distort and stain if “wet cleaned”. These fibres can be very hard wearing and can provide years of service if maintained correctly.


Apart from good regular vacuuming and prompt spill stain removal, a planned deep clean from Eco Dry Carpet Care will help maintain the appearance of these natural carpets. Following a thorough vacuuming of the carpet, Dry Carpet Powder is evenly distributed over the carpet. The granules are the brushed into the carpet using a twin contra-rotating brush machine, brushing from several different directions to ensure full treatment.

The granules are left for 20 minutes, during which time they behave like sponges, absorbing soils, grease and stains. The cleaning is completed by vacuuming away the soil laden granules.

Viscose rugs and carpets e.g. Jacaranda can be cleaned with care, using the “dry” system.

One of the benefits of Dry Cleaning is that the carpet can be walked on straight away, so very useful when you have a deadline!

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