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As a property professional, you need to know that your contractors are competent and reliable.

Eco Dry Carpet Care is a company that specialises in the cleaning of carpets and upholstery. Ian & Claire have 20 years of experience of providing carpet cleaning services for letting agents, landlords and property management companies. We know that time is often limited between outgoing and incoming tenants. And the last job that needs to be done after the decorating and cleaning is getting those carpets cleaned – before tomorrow!

We aim to provide exceptional service – outstanding cleaning and fast drying of course, but also flexibility and fast response to the agent’s requirements.

Have a look at our Carpet Cleaning Packages:-

End of Tenancy

 You’ll have seen this carpet before! Not all tenants look after the carpets as well as they should, and tenants who attempt to clean dirty carpets themselves with a cheap hire machine, often end up with over-wet carpets which leave the carpets damaged, smelly and mouldy. D.I.Y. carpet cleaning is never as effective and often there is dispute between the tenant and landlord as to whether the carpets have been cleaned or not!

Eco Dry’s End of Tenancy carpet cleaning can solve the problem. We’re equipped to tackle heavily soiled & stained carpets. The correct procedures will be matched to the carpet type and level of soiling, to ensure thorough cleaning. Most pet stains and odours will be eliminated safely without the use of perfumed products which only temporarily mask the problem.

We can return those carpets to an acceptable appearance, fresh and sanitary. And Fast Drying! 

We have designed a Menu Pricing Guide, so you can easily advise your tenants of the cost of professional carpet cleaning. Your incoming tenant can be re-assured that the carpets have been properly cleaned. We can even provide a Certificate of Cleaning, which outlines how the carpet has been cleaned, any permanent stains and damage and the general condition of the carpet.

Are you a property professional or letting agent with a portfolio of rental properties? Ask for our FREE TRIAL OFFER – Call us on 01325 238 008 for details.

Moving Home Package

mail_image_preview-2Get that house sold fast!  A quick refresh of the main traffic areas can really enhance that important first impression. Instead of  your prospect having negative thoughts about having the huge expense of replacing the carpets, they will be impressed by the bright, fresh, stain-free carpets.

What about the house your client is moving to?

If we can clean the carpets before the furniture arrives, we can offer a Great Deal!


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