Transform Your Home

Transform Your Home

Hi, this is Ian & Claire McIntosh, owners of Eco Dry Carpet Care, Leyburn. We clean carpets & upholstery, specialising in thorough, exhaustive carpet cleaning for homeowners.

We are a local, family owned business with 20 years of experience of cleaning soft furnishings. We are highly trained and we use the latest technology to make sure that every job is carried out right first time.

You can be proud of your carpets again! After a visit from Eco Dry your carpets will positively shine with health & vitality!

Have a look at our Special Carpet Care Packages:-

Pet Care Package

mail_image_previewWe love our pets, but they do make more work when it comes to maintaining your carpet. Good regular vacuuming with an upright cleaner helps control hair and dry soil, but oils from dogs’ coats and allergens from cat saliva need professional cleaning to prevent build up of greasy soiling and odours.  Our M-Power Eco Safe cleaning solution gets amazing results on “Doggy” carpets – leaving carpets with a ” Natural Freshness”.

Clean & Protect Value Package

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Keep that freshly cleaned look for longer with our Clean & Protect Value Package. Our multi-stage cleaning process is completed by application of Protect Nano, the latest in fibre and fabric protection. This protection does not alter the feel of the carpet fibre, but does provide protection from dry soils and water/oil based spills. Your carpets will Stay Cleaner Longer!


Welcome Baby Home Package

Its only natural to welcome your new arrival into your home with a cleaner, safer and protected environment. All our cleaning processes have been designed around the most Eco Safe & Environmentally Responsible cleaning solutions. No toxic chemicals are used. Our deep cleaning systems remove fine dust, pollen, allergens and bacteria to which delicate skin and lungs may be sensitive. We believe a Clean Home is a Healthy Home.


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