How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

We are frequently asked how often should I have my carpets cleaned? A simple answer is: more often than you do now !

I’m not trying to be clever, but it is perhaps surprising that although we have become conditioned to regularly cleaning most items in the home, most home and business owners have their carpets cleaned on an irregular, occasional and sometimes never basis!

We launder our clothes, towels and bed linen regularly to keep them clean and fresh. Windows, hard floors and the car get a scheduled wash. We sometimes put it off, but get around to cleaning the oven on a reasonably regular basis and we wash and disinfect kitchen work surfaces several times a day. We’ve got cupboards full of cleaning products and steam mops.

So why does the carpet get overlooked?

Carpets and other soft furnishings, act as a giant filter for the home. Atmospheric pollutants, such as smoke, diesel particles, car exhaust, soot, pollen, mould spores, cooking gases are absorbed by the fibres. Unless you take your shoes off, soil, grit, bitumen deposits, chewing gum, various bacteria is tracked into the carpet. Now your carpet is very good at hiding these soils and so it is easy to give the carpet a weekly vacuum and think all is well. Just think of cleaning your hard kitchen floor. After sweeping or vacuuming you wash and mop the floor and end up with a pail of dirty water and that’s after a few days. Imagine what’s lurking in your carpets after several years!

It is recommended by carpet manufacturers and The Carpet & Rug Institute, that carpets should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. By scheduling a regular clean your carpet will perform and last for years longer. Some new carpets come with a stain warranty, which may require you to have the carpet cleaned at a specified interval.



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