Limestone Polishing and Sealing

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Do you have limestone flooring in your home or on your commercial property?

This sedimentary rock is sought after for its durability and porous nature. At Ecodry, we understand the important nature of limestone and offer professional polishing and sealing services throughout North Yorkshire. 

Limestone can take up to a million years to create under the enormous pressures of the ocean, great lakes, and rivers. 

As such incredible processes have taken place to create this stone, great care should be taken to keep it well-maintained. If properly sealed, a limestone floor is a perfect hard flooring solution for high traffic areas in your business or home. 

The tell-tale signs your limestone floors need a new polish and seal

Is the limestone flooring on your property badly fitted or has it developed uneven edges and tiles over time?

Does your floor look discoloured and lifeless?

If your floor is grouted, has it become cracked, dirty, or worn away in places?

Are there dull areas, marks that won’t disappear, or scratches you can’t remove?

Question: does your limestone floor only look better once it’s wet?


Do you want to restore your floor to its original natural beauty?

Maintenance is key – the benefits of limestone polishing and cleaning with Ecodry

We provide expert deep cleaning solutions, catering to clients from Stockton and Marton to Ingleby Barwick and beyond. Based in Teesside, we service clients all over North Yorkshire. 

Our professional limestone polishing and sealing services leave you with an even floor surface and seamless finish. Furthermore, once you’ve had a visit from us, your limestone flooring will require less day-to-day maintenance to keep it clean and looking freshly-laid.

Increase the longevity of your limestone flooring and create a safer, more hygienic environment for your business or home.

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