Parquet Floor Restoration and Sanding

The flooring that never goes out of style. Parque is not only beautiful, but also durable and will last more than a lifetime if maintained and cared for properly.

Stylish living and dining room…

However, over time the masterpiece that is a parquet floor will become worn and lose its lustre. Heavily trafficked areas can become damaged and professional help will be required to remove deep scratches and buff out immovable marks.

From commercial properties in Teesside to domestic homes in Bedale, we provide professional parquet floor restoration and sanding services bespoke to your needs. Moreover, at Ecodry our solutions can cater to both engineered and all-natural wood parquet floor surfaces.

Is it time to get your parquet floor restored, sanded, and sealed?

Is the floor damaged from moving or renovations?

Do your parquet floors no longer shine after mopping?

Has the varnish, wax, or oil come away, making it harder to clean?

Does your parquet floor look lifeless and are scratches and scuffs appearing?


Are you dreaming of returning your floors to a fresh-laid finish?

The benefits of parquet floor restoration and sanding from Ecodry

Ecodry offers a professional restoration, sanding, and deep cleaning service that causes little disruption and leaves your environment dust and germ free.

After our professional sanding you floor will feel smooth under foot, scratches and marks will be removed, and its original splendour returned. We don’t only restore your floor to a just-laid finish – we seal and protect it, extending the life of the wood and making it easier to maintain.

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