Parquet Floor Varnishing

This durable floor can give a lifetime’s pleasure… but in order to maintain its longevity, regular maintenance is required.

Room after renovation…

Over time, the varnish can tarnish and wear away – especially in heavily trafficked areas. Keeping on top of this is crucial to retaining the finish and protecting the wood.

At Ecodry we don’t only clean parquet floors to an immaculate level: we varnish them, too. Our years of experience and training enable us to offer bespoke solutions, varnish options, and finishes that leave floors clean, renewed, and protected.

Signs your parquet floor varnish needs renewing

Have your parquet floors begun to look tired and lifeless?

If you spill liquid on the floor, does it slowly absorb rather than sit on top?

Are there marks or scratches developing from furniture and wear?

Have you noticed discoloured patches or areas where the varnish has worn?

Is it becoming difficult to clean and maintain?


Doesn’t it deserve to be returned to its former beautiful finish?

Professional parquet floor varnishing services for North Yorkshire’s businesses and homes

Our ultimate goal is to return your parquet floor to its former glory. This incredible hard-wearing and beautifully intricate flooring deserves to be respected – at Ecodry, that’s exactly what we do.

We use high-quality varnishes and seals, as well as the latest tools and techniques. Moreover, we respect our clients and their environments by re-creating beautiful places and leaving behind hygienic spaces.

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