Infection Control and Fogging

Ecodry carpet and upholstery cleaners have been servicing businesses and homes across The North East for over 20 years. From medical centres and office spaces to doctors’ surgeries and domestic homes, we are your local specialists in decontamination and sanitisation solutions.

We understand that, more than ever before, there is a need for experienced cleaning services specialising in infection control and prevention (meeting CQC cleaning standards). It is vital for local businesses and many domestic environments to be able to meet the rigorous controls needed in order to reopen or function safely during the Coronavirus pandemic.

From Darlington to Hartlepool and beyond, we know how serious the need is for Coronavirus cleaning and sanitation for all types of premises, homes, and public spaces. We can provide crucial infection control and prevention solutions that offer both the sanitisation and decontamination of any environment using our eco-conscious solutions.

Our dual service can be used to ensure that even the deadliest of viruses and bacteria cannot survive, from MRSA, C-Diff, Pseudomonas, fungi, algae, yeast, and mildew, to HIV and Hepatitis B and C.

We can also assure you that the antimicrobial cleaning solution we use has been certified and tested to treat and destroy Coronavirus SARS-COV 2 which leads to the illness COVID-19.

Certified infection control and prevention specialists

As many premises are at risk, if you suspect or think that yours may have been contaminated or have been advised to have CQC cleaning, then we can help.

Our services are carried out by fully trained infection control and prevention specialists; we are CPD certified and accredited by ROSPA. We offer a personal professional service from a family-run business who care about maintaining the highest standards in servicing The North East.

Having two decades of experience in both the prevention and decontamination of infectious diseases in commercial and domestic properties, we have been able to expertly hone our fogging and sanitisation techniques.

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Coronavirus sanitisation, environmental decontamination, and disinfection fogging

In order to ensure all the environments that we provide infection control and prevention services for are cleaned to CQC standards, we employ the following two processes:

Touch point, surface cleaning, and sanitise:

The first step we will take is to sanitise using an antimicrobial environmentally-safe cleaning solution on all frequently touched surfaces throughout your premises. We will then complete our methodical fogging treatment throughout the entire building.

We recognise that the surfaces within your premises which are frequently touched and will need to be sanitised include the following:

Doorknobs, doorplates, handles, desktops, chairs, preparation surfaces, electronic equipment, telephones, lifts, vending machines, bathrooms, communal spaces, general work surfaces, lifts, escalators, and much more.

Our job is to cater to our clients’ individual needs by providing a thorough and professional infection control and prevention service that is bespoke to them and their environments.

Fogging of your entire environment using an antimicrobial cleaning solution:

Our fogging solution is completely harmless to humans and animals, but deadly to viruses and bacteria. We disperse a water-based fogging solution throughout the building; it will, however, need to be empty as the solution we use is atomised and, when fogged, may cause an allergic reaction in a small percentage of people.

The machine we use diffuses the fogging treatment by spraying droplets at a micron level so it can be safely dispersed in any environment. After allowing it to settle for 2 hours, the premises is totally safe to re-enter.

We have two types of fogging systems we use and the type of treatment necessary depends on the premises. Using either our ULV Cold Fogging (Ultra Low Volume) or Thermal Fogging solutions, or even a combination of both, we can confidently meet our clients’ infection control and prevention needs.

Does disinfecting with fogging really work? If you would like more information regarding our touch point sanitisation and fogging services, do not hesitate to contact us.

Exceptional before and after infection control and prevention services

Ecodry carpet and upholstery cleaners swab your premises both before and after the cleaning process, checking all key areas using an ATP hygiene meter. By taking swabs of high use and communal areas, we can quickly test the environment within seconds using state-of-the-art hygiene testing technology.

The results of the initial sweep are saved digitally for us to compare them with the results of the swabs we take after we sanitise and complete the fogging.

Using the ATP hygiene test ensures we can confirm the decontamination and sanitising of any environment for which we provide our infection control and prevention services.

Furthermore, throughout the entire process we use disinfection indicators which are placed in different areas of the room. These test not only the amount, but also the concentration of disinfectant solution that has been applied to surfaces.

These indicators allow us to know when an adequate amount of the product has been applied to the surface and that it has been sanitised to a satisfactory level. Along with our ATP testing and professional approach, our clients are given peace of mind that all areas are safe and fit for purpose.

Infection control and prevention cleaning services from eco-conscious experts

Our business has been built on family values and a passion for serving our local environment and communities. We are proud to have aided medical centres, doctors’ surgeries, local businesses, and residents for many years in the North East. We will continue to offer our dedicated services as we work through these trying times together.

We know that sanitising with an antimicrobial cleaning solution on a regular basis helps prevent infection. Fogging also kills up to 0.0001% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, being one of our most effective tools in preventing the further spread of many contaminants including COVID-19.

If you believe you need infection control and prevention services anywhere in The North East area, from Richmond to Fairfield and beyond, we have the solutions for your business or home.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today for further information on our professional infection control and prevention services.

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