Safe Moss Removal & Roof Cleaning Using Compressed Air

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SAFE Moss Removal and Roof Cleaning Services in Teesside, Middlesbrough, Darlington, Durham, Richmond and the Yorkshire Dales

Experience the safest and most effective roof care, maintenance, and cleaning with our system using compressed air. Specially developed for professional roof cleaning, our system achieves outstanding results without requiring the operator to go on the roof. This innovative approach restores roof surfaces to near-new condition with no damage, ensuring all roof surfaces are maintained safely without physical contact.

Benefits of clearing moss from a roof using compressed air…

No Need to go on the roof

Our moss removal and roof cleaning system is designed to ensure safety and effectiveness without anyone stepping on the roof. Traditional methods can be dangerous and cause broken tiles, but our approach avoids this risk entirely. By accessing the roof from the side using a portable scaffold, traditional fixed scaffold, or MEWP (), we provide a superior clean while maintaining the integrity of your roof. Choose our service for a safe and reliable roof maintenance solution.

Fragile roof tiles? No problem

Our system is safe even for fragile roof tiles. Unlike pressure washing, there’s no risk of damaging roof tiles. Using compressed air, our method can safely clean damaged or broken tiles without causing further damage. This ensures no broken tiles and peace of mind for the customer!

Achieve Incredible Roof Cleaning Results

Experience roof surfaces restored to an almost new condition with our advanced moss removal and roof cleaning system using compressed air. Our method ensures safe and effective moss removal and cleaning, delivering incredible results every time. Choose our roof cleaning service from Durham, Middlesbrough and the Yorkshire Dales for exceptional outcomes and peace of mind.

No Wet Mess!

Our advanced moss removal and roof cleaning system uses compressed air, making it a dry method that leaves no wet mess. This ensures there is no risk of internal water damage, providing peace of mind for customers. Enjoy a superb moss removal and roof cleaning job with our safe and efficient roof maintenance solution.


Our patented roof cleaning system uses compressed air to effectively remove moss and debris from roofs, followed by the application of treatment chemicals, including ‘softwash’ chemicals when needed. This process sanitises the roof surface and enhances the property’s appearance. Our method typically involves using a portable tower scaffold, allowing us to clean the roof without stepping onto the roof surface. Unlike traditional pressure washing or steam cleaning, our system provides a gentle yet highly effective clean, delivering incredible results on various roof surfaces. With our innovative approach, customers are consistently impressed by the powerful yet safe cleaning capabilities. Our unique and patented system ensures a superior and safe roof cleaning experience every time.   

Safe and Effective Roof Cleaning in Teesside, Middlesbrough, Darlington, Durham, Richmond, and the Yorkshire Dales

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