Safety Floor Cleaning and Sealing

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Keeping safety floors clean and sealed is paramount to retaining their vital anti-slip properties. Any business or commercial property that benefits from having these floors will benefit even more from Ecodry’s safety floor cleaning and sealing services.

Over time, a build-up of dirt and grime will reduce the anti-slip properties of safety flooring. We have the expertise and tools to get to the dirt build-up in the divots and pits. Our experience and methods ensure your floor retains its safety features and maintains its finish.

We can professionally cater to your safety floor cleaning and sealing needs wherever you’re based in the North Yorkshire area.

When does a safety floor need expert cleaning and sealing?

Has the floor been recently laid, but left in a poor condition?

Have you noticed a build-up of dirt and debris in highly trafficked areas?

Does the floor no longer hold its shine, even after mopping?

Do you want to return the floor to a new-laid finish?


Is the floor becoming less slip-resistant in high traffic areas?

Benefit your business or property with Ecodry’s safety floor cleaning and sealing services in North Yorkshire

Ecodry is based near Teesside Airport, giving us an excellent position to service our clients. Whether your based locally in Stockton or further afield, we can confidently cater to your safety floor cleaning and sealing needs.

We are experienced and trained in deep cleaning, seal removal, and re-sealing safety flooring. Our professional approach means we carry out work with little disruption to our clients, leaving their flooring safer and hygienically clean. 

Do you want to know more about our safety floor deep cleaning and sealing services?

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