Sandstone Stripping and Resealing

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Sandstone or York stone is heavy and durable, ideal for homes and business with high traffic areas both inside and out. This type of flooring has a natural-looking appeal with sandy colours and hues of gold, red, and deep brown. 

Although sandstone tile floors are low maintenance, they will require the occasional visit from a professional to keep them in tip-top condition. Allowing dirt to become ingrained is a no-no and the occasional stripping and resealing will guarantee its longevity. 

Is your sandstone or York stone floor in need of rejuvenation? 

Is the grout becoming weak or discoloured?

Have the vibrant colours faded or have high traffic areas become worn?

When you dampen or get the sandstone wet, does it look better?

No matter how much you clean, do marks and stains keep returning?

Are there any scratches, uneven patches, or dull spots?


Do you dream of getting back the natural beauty of its just-laid finish?

Professional sandstone stripping, sealing, and restoration services in North Yorkshire

At Ecodry we have the technology, experience, and skills to breathe fresh life into your sandstone floors. Whether inside or out, from Teesside to Stockton and beyond, we have deep cleaning, stripping, and resealing solutions to fit any property’s needs.

Our services offer many benefits – not only do we revive sandstone floors, we help to lengthen their lifespan. The high-quality seals we use help to shield the grout from dirt, keeping it stronger and cleaner for longer. 

Moreover, the wax we apply leaves the sandstone looking warmer and feeling smoother. At Ecodry we take great care in ensuring we bring out our clients’ sandstone floors’ natural beauty. 

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