Slate Deep Cleaning, Stripping, and Reseal

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Although generally considered pretty hard wearing, slate’s fine-grained composition can compromise its integrity. It does have the tendency to crack under a heavy impact and will be more prone to scratches. 

However, with the proper professional cleaning and maintenance, slate floors can be a long-lasting and beautiful addition to any property. At Ecodry we use our years of experience and training to carefully clean, strip, and reseal slate floors, leaving a fresh-laid finish.

Moreover, we leave your slate floor with a long-lasting seal that gives it added protection, making it much is easier to keep clean over time. 

How do you know if your slate floor needs deep cleaning and restoration?

Is your slate starting to only look good when it’s wet or damp?

Have you accidently cracked a tile or recently noticed new cracks and scratches?

Are there any areas that have faded or marks that can’t be removed?

When you mop, do the tiles never appear to be properly clean?

Has the grout become discoloured or is it starting to shrink and crack?


Do you want to return your slate floor to a lustrous and freshly-laid finish?

The benefits of using Ecodry’s professional slate floor restoration services 

Let Ecodry reinvigorate your slate flooring. By using our services, we’ll bring out your floor’s natural deep colour, reset uneven surfaces, repair deep scratches, and lengthen its lifespan.

Our deep cleaning techniques will prevent the build-up of bacteria and help create a more hygienic environment. Moreover, we wax our clients’ slate floors for a smooth feel under foot and leave them looking as bright as the day they were laid. 

We guarantee your slate floors will be cleaned, stripped, and resealed with a professional perfectionism that always comes with Ecodry’s services.

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