Solid Wood Floor Restoration

Do you have a solid wood floor in need of restoration in North Yorkshire?

Modern apartment with kitchen, eating space…

Ecodry are your local specialists. We have the products and equipment to transform and restore every type of wood floor, from walnut and oak to maple, birch, and more…

A solid wood floor is wonderful asset to any property. Maintaining it, however, will require professional help from time-to-time. Our services not only clean and protect, but we can also remove scratches, shift immovable stains, and repair damage from moving furniture or leaks.

By using our expert knowledge and skills, we can breathe new life into your solid wood floor with our restoration services.

These are the signs your solid wood floor needs professional restoration

Are there scratches, dents, and scuffs from heavy traffic or years of wear and tear?

Have areas of the floor become rough, chipped, or even broken?

Is the varnish beginning to wear away and lose its lustre?

Does cleaning make no difference to its shine?


Do you want to bring back its natural finish and feel?

The benefit of having Ecodry restore your solid wood floor

No need to have you floor replaced; with Ecodry’s solid wood floor restoration solutions, we can return it to a nearly new condition. Moreover, our services ensure your floors are easier to maintain and better protected for the future.

From deep cleaning, scratch repair, and sanding to varnishing, waxing, and sealing, we have all your bases covered in North Yorkshire.

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