How to stop dirt at the door

Some of us operate a “shoes off” policy at home and it’s certainly an effective method of keeping outdoor dirt from being tracked into your carpet, but not so practical in a workplace. But preventive measures can really help maintain your office carpets.

Preventive measures consist of using barrier mats, usually situated inside the main door, capable of scraping debris off shoes and have the capability to hold that material. Inside mats should remove smaller particles of dirt as well as oils and other liquids that can be tracked in from outside.

Barrier mats have a coarse texture and are able to brush soil from shoes and hold large amounts of soil in their pile.

Inside mats- use water absorbent mats to prevent tracked-in moisture from getting to the carpet. Mats that extend for 6 to 15 feet inside the entrance will trap eighty percent of soil and moisture from the first five or six steps. Using both types of mats at entrances helps prevent excessive soiling on carpet.

Keeping parking lots, sidewalks and entrances clean will cut down on the tracking in of debris.

Protective mats should be used around food stations, water coolers, elevators and stair thresholds to prevent moisture and dirt from becoming ground into carpet.

For mats to continue to trap soil, they should be cleaned on a regular basis, more frequently than the carpet. If accumulated soil is not removed, the mat will become overloaded and cannot prevent soil from entering the building.

Other preventive tips include restricting food and beverage consumption to specific areas, requiring lids on drinks or oversized cups and by placing trashcans in easily accessible areas.

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