Take Away Rug Cleaning Service – Costs

With our unique service – we’ll take great care to make your rug Look Like New!

Here, you can find out how much our rug service costs – and Request Rug Collection:


Popular Sizes (cm)

80×150 (2.62ft x 4.92ft)£ 38.00
120×170 (3.94ft x 5.58ft)£ 65.00
160×230 (5.25ft x 7.55ft)£ 118.00
200×300 (6.56ft x 9.84ft)£ 192.00
240×340 (7.87ft x 11.15ft)£ 261.00
280×360 (9.19ft x 11.81ft)£ 314.00

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