Terracotta Tile Restoration and Sealing

a modern bathroom in an expensive new home with a tear-drop shaped bath (full of water) sitting on a marble plinth. A bidet and WC are located near the window. A lantern with lit candles sits next to a large towel rail whilst a large bunch of red lilies sit on the cabinet to the right of the picture.

At Ecodry, our aim is to always deliver high quality results to our clients from our base in Teesside and throughout North Yorkshire. Professional terracotta tile restoration and sealing services are essential in maintaining your floor’s charming qualities and increasing its lifespan.

We use the latest equipment and techniques to bring terracotta flooring back to life. It’s our job to restore its shine and natural beauty.

The many signs your terracotta tiled floor needs professional attention

Dose your terracotta floor have any sharp or uneven edges?

Is it discoloured, faded, or losing is lustre once dry?

Does it only look good when wet?

Are there any immovable marks, scratches, or cracks appearing?

Has the grout started to look dirty and dry?

Have you had recent renovations and is the floor covered in dust and dirt?


Do you wish you could bring back the colour and have that newly-laid finish?

The benefit of having Ecodry restore and seal your terracotta tile floors

We have years of experience and our training and professional approach ensure your floors are kept in tip-top condition. Moreover, our restoration, sealing, and deep cleaning services create a healthier environment and make the day-to-day cleaning much easier.

We fill in the cracks and any holes that have developed over time, which reduces the need for maintenance. Our processes and services are geared towards preventing the build-up of dirt, allergens, and harmful bacteria. After our deep cleaning, we seal the entire floor to ensure it stays cleaner for longer.

Moreover, our excellent services lengthen the lifespan of your terracotta floor and the wax finish will leave it soft to the touch.

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