The Benefits Of Working From Home

Enjoy Great Home-office Work-benefits…
And A Sparkling Clean Office Environment When You Return!

The so-called home office is based on the flexibility of companies when establishing schedules and determining workspaces for various reasons such as the recent control measures for the spread of CONVID-19. This home-office approach offers multiple advantages to employees and has increasingly proven its effectiveness in promoting increased productivity.

In addition, the possibility of working at home or anywhere other than an office desk is a growing trend that provides sustainability benefits for both companies and professionals. New technologies allow you to be far, but at the same time, very close through virtual meeting spaces, information stores, files and cloud content, as well as having interrupted Internet connections that allow instant conversations or videoconferences from any location on the globe.

This fluid exchange of ideas and communications of all kinds through the networks enables companies to reserve face-to-face work for meetings and tasks that require human contact. For some organizations, the home office translates into:

  • Fewer problems among employees
  • Higher productivity
  • The elimination of absenteeism
  • The reduction of production costs
  • Savings in the maintenance of unnecessary infrastructure.
  • Increased autonomy among workers

A big plus is a fact that the employee can easily channel their workflows according to the schedule they want or allow them to reconcile work life with family care while avoiding expenses for babysitters and caregivers, meals away from home and transport travel costs; public or private vehicle.
Generally, all these advantages have an impact on an increase in employee satisfaction and, in the long term, an increase in their productivity. Thus, it is increasingly evident that this is a highly efficient way of working, especially in the areas of sales, marketing, software development or big data management.

However, to take full advantage of this work dynamic, it is necessary to optimize workflows and communication, create procedural and control guidelines, and have the necessary technology.

COVID-19 And Its Global Impact On Work Environments

The recent trend in the spread and control of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has further led to the need for most companies to adopt the home-office approach — to guarantee safe health conditions of its employees; which leads to the big question…

“How can one be sure that the office would be completely COVID-19 or infection-free when normality is restored, and the employees return to their designated offices within the company’s premises?” Should you hire a professional cleaning service for your company?

The answer is a resounding yes! Office cleaning service is a vital requirement of any thriving business. The reason being that an office is a place where people spend a lot of their productive hours during the day, so good maintenance will be essential. Moreover, a properly cleaned and sanitised office takes away the fear or possibility of being infected by a completely avoidable health condition such as COVID-19. And you don’t have to look too far away to find a reliable office cleaning service company.

Ecodry Carpet Care is a reputable deep cleaning and sanitising company that specialises in taking care of all the cleaning and maintenance requirements of companies that are located in both small and large buildings. They can help you with your office cleaning and sanitisation needs, so your office is ready for you, your colleagues or employees when you (or they) return.

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