Tile and Grout Cleaning

a modern bathroom in an expensive new home with a tear-drop shaped bath (full of water) sitting on a marble plinth. A bidet and WC are located near the window. A lantern with lit candles sits next to a large towel rail whilst a large bunch of red lilies sit on the cabinet to the right of the picture.

Do you need help with cleaning and restoring your tiled and grouted floors?

Without maintenance and regular cleaning, tiled surfaces can become lacklustre over a period of time. Moreover, grout can become discoloured, gather dirt, and the overall finish can lose its original polish and glow. 

Our hard floor cleaning and restoration solutions are based in Teesside and we service the whole of the North Yorkshire area. From removing ingrained marks and scratches to applying protective sealants to repel dirt, we have the skills to deliver excellent results that last.

It’s easy to spot when your tile and grout needs cleaning or restoration

Is the grout between the tiles becoming loose or worn?

Are the tiles beginning to lose their sparkle or become discoloured?

Does the tiled surface get a lot of traffic?

Have you just had some building work done or is the tiled floor newly-laid, but has been finished poorly?


Do you want to restore that just-laid finish?

The benefits of Ecodry’s tile and grout cleaning and restoration services in North Yorkshire

At Ecodry we offer tile and grout cleaning services that not only leave flooring looking immaculate, but will also lengthen its lifespan. 

From Wynyard to Ingleby Barwick, Ecodry’s tile and grout cleaning and restoration solutions will reduce the day-to-day maintenance of your flooring.

Furthermore, we leave no dust or mess behind. Whether a home or business, our services will help you maintain a healthier environment free from a build-up of allergens and harmful bacteria.

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