Travertine Renovation

Photo showing a tiled floor in a real spacious kitchen diner, with large rectangular, filled travertine tiles laid lengthways in a brick pattern. A pine table with painted white legs and beech chairs is pictured at the dining end of the kitchen.

Do you have travertine flooring in your home or at your business? This hard-wearing stone flooring can take a lot of traffic. Ecodry provides the professional help you need to buff out the scratches, remove unsightly marks, and keep it well sealed for a long life.

Formed from ground surface minerals in water or at geothermal springs, travertine is a highly durable and popular stone flooring solution. However, it will need professional maintenance from time-to-time. 

Dirt and debris can build-up over time, along with the appearance of small holes and cracks. At Ecodry we provide travertine renovation services throughout North Yorkshire that will clean, restore, and polish your floor.

When to get professional renovation of your travertine floor – the signs to look out for

Have you started to notice signs of pitting, cracks, or small holes appearing on the surface?

Do your have any sharp edges or uneven floors?

Has your travertine floor taken on a lacklustre appearance from embedded marks, scratches, or dirt?

Have you recently had construction work leave your flooring in need of a deep clean or repair?

Does the grout between the tiles look worn or discoloured?


Are you wanting to return your travertine floor to its original, fresh finish?

The benefits of professional travertine floor renovation

Travertine is a natural sedimentary stone that has taken thousands of years to form. At Ecodry, we have true respect for what nature has created. As professionals, we take enormous pride in the travertine cleaning, polishing, renovation, and sealing services we provide throughout North Yorkshire.

Not only do our services considerably lengthen the lifespan of travertine, but our renovation techniques ensure your floor is easier to clean and maintain over time.

We aim to achieve a bright fresh-laid finish which is sealed, protected, hygienic, and clean.

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