Upholstery Cleaning

Many modern upholstery fabrics comprise of a blend of fibres, very often water sensitive e.g. viscose pile which distorts when wet. And, of course, light pastel fabric shows up soiling so much more quickly than a brown Dralon!

Upholstery Care Tip Regular vacuuming of your suite, particularly the body contact areas, really helps to maintain the appearance. Arm caps which can be washed/ dry cleaned and turning the cushions regularly also help.

Your fabric sofa becomes soiled differently to carpets, because our bodies, skin and hair come into contact with the fabric. Body fats are secreted into the fibres and a compound soil builds up.

As with carpets we carry out a careful pre-inspection in order to establish how best to clean the fabric.

Modern cleaning products e.g. Fineline, which is detergent free, eco- friendly and effective, help us provide excellent results when cleaning modern upholstery fabrics. We use the amazing CFR upholstery tool to rinse the fabric without wetting the cushion underneath, which means Faster Drying.

IMPORTANT Plan to have your upholstery cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning the fabric before it looks dirty, means less aggressive cleaning is required and a high quality appearance can be maintained for many years.

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