Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Restoration

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Vinyl flooring is durable and can take a lot of traffic. This makes it a great low-maintenance option for busy homes and businesses. Moreover, it’s quieter than most floor types and very comfortable under your feet. 

As vinyl floors are so hard-wearing, they do not require as much maintenance as others, but will still need care from time to time.  

At Ecodry, our vinyl floor cleaning and restoration service maintains the quality of your flooring while leaving it hygienic and clean. We’re based in North Yorkshire and offer our vinyl floor cleaning solutions to homes and businesses from Teesside to Stockton and beyond.

When is cleaning and restoration of vinyl flooring needed?

Is the sealer, dressing, or grout on your flooring beginning to wear or become discoloured?

Has it lost its shine and started to fade or wear in heavily trafficked areas?

Are there scratches and marks that can’t be removed?

Does mopping or cleaning no longer leave a shine?


Do you want to restore your vinyl floor to a fresh, just-laid finish?

Based in North Yorkshire? Benefit your home or business with our vinyl floor cleaning and restoration services

Ecodry offers a service that reduces the need for maintenance and prevents the build-up of allergens and harmful bacteria. We’re dedicated experts and use the latest equipment and methods to deep clean and protect your vinyl flooring. 

We create a healthier environment for your business or home. From start to finish, our cleaning and restoration process leaves no mess and causes minimum disruption to our clients.

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