Wood Floor Restoration & Sanding

Are your wood floors in need of sanding and restoration? Whether engineered or all-natural, wooden flooring needs proper maintenance in order to retain its quality and appearance. 

Sanding and staining or waxing a wood floor
From Norton and Leyburn to Stokesly and beyond...

Although hard wearing, scratches and indents can appear over time, high-traffic areas can become worn, and beautiful varnished finishes can fade. Furthermore, moving furniture, building works, and leaks can lead to damage or, worse, bacterial and bug infestations.

At Ecodry we provide a professional wood floor sanding and restoration service throughout North Yorkshire. Moreover, our years of experience and expert training enable us to take wood floor deep cleaning to the next level. 

The tell-tale signs that you’re in need of professional wood floor restoration and sanding services

Has the floor begun to lose its lustre, no matter how often you mop and clean?

Does your floor look tired and faded in high-trafficked areas?

Have you started to notice scratches, immovable scuffs, and visible indents?

Is the varnish or finish beginning to lift?


Do you wish to retain a fresh-laid finish?

Benefit from Ecodry’s professional wood floor sanding and restoration solutions

From Teesside to Darlington, we offer wood floor restoration and sanding services that leave floors flawless and keep our customers coming back.

Our ultimate aim is to return a new-laid finish with a professional service that causes minimal disruptions to our clients. We create a smoother surface under foot, a cleaner environment, and offer added protection to retain your floor’s quality and lifespan. 

Furthermore, our floor sanding services are virtually dustless. By using the latest equipment and our expert skills, we guarantee an immaculate experience.

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