Wood Floor Staining

Are your wooden floors starting to lack lustre and look lifeless? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Wood floor staining can transform a room or building, adding extra dimensions to your home or business environment.

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At Ecodry we offer a wide range of wood floor stain options with a variety of finishes. Moreover, we don’t just stain wood floors; we deep clean and restore them too.

We provide a professional service that can be tailored to our customers’ unique needs. Whether you need a simple wood floor stain, hard wax, or bespoke oil finish, we have the tools and experience to provide a high-quality service and solution.

Wood floor staining – could your floors benefit?

Have you recently redecorated or moved into a new property?

Do your wood floors look dull and worn out?

Has the previous stain or varnish started to wear away?

Are you finding it harder to maintain?


Do you want to bring back your floor to a bright, newly laid finish?

Get more out of your wood floor with staining from Ecodry

A makeover can make all the difference and wood floor staining is just one way to put the life back into an old wooden floor. It’s amazing the difference a deep clean, sanding, and staining can make to a floor’s surface and the general environment.

At Ecodry, our wood floor staining services do more than restore its natural appearance and colour. Our solutions provide protection, increase your floor’s lifespan, and leave behind a clean and easy to maintain space.

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