Wood Floor Waxing / Oiling

Do you have a solid Whether your floor is natural wood or engineered, keeping it properly waxed or oiled is imperative to maintaining a long life and quality finish. floor in need of restoration in North Yorkshire?

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How often you need your floors professionally waxed or oiled will depend on how much traffic they get. Heavily trodden areas will need more care than others and over time will lose their lustre and become worn.

Ecodry provides wood floor waxing and oiling solutions for both commercial and domestic clients across North Yorkshire. If you take pride in your property like we do in our work, then we have the wood floor deep cleaning and restoration service for you.

How can I tell my wood floor needs waxing or oiling?

Are there noticeable patches, scratches, and marks appearing?

Does the floor quickly lose its shine after mopping?

Is the old wax or oil noticeably wearing away?

Has the floor begun to look worn and lifeless?


Are you itching to have your floor returned to a newly laid finish?

Professional wood floor waxing and oiling with Ecodry

It’s our connection and commitment to the local area and our clients that helps set us apart. From Norton and Leyburn to Stokesly and beyond, we have been providing North Yorkshire with our wood floor deep cleaning services for many years.

Our experience, professional approach, and services not only ensure your floors are left looking like new, but that they’re also clean and protected. Moreover, our wax and oil finishes lengthen the lifespan and leave the wood floor surface soft to the touch.

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